About Lithuania

The southernmost Baltic state – Lithuania is the biggest and the most crowded nation. The capital of the nation is Vilnius – a delightful and beautiful city that is situated on the banks of two waterways – Neris and Vilnia. Lithuania is arranged in a vital area among East and West Europe and has an exceptionally confused history.

Lithuania is well known for its culinary fare – the cool beet soup. Lithuanian culture is a heritage of its history and has both – a regard for the customs and a will to enhance and fuse new things. Lithuania is an individual from both NATO and EU.

Lithuania is a nation that has a long history of phenomenal training measures and glorious colleges. The Vilnius University, which was established in the year 1579 is a declaration to this. It is an enormous Renaissance style complex and houses endless inward yards – practically like a little city inside Vilnius city. Lithuanian instruction gauges are high and a degree from Lithuanian colleges will open numerous new entryways for you.

You can get some answers concerning study openings in Lithuania on the web. There are numerous assets accessible that will give you data on study in Lithuania. Lithuania is an incredible city for living and reading or for the travel industry.

Why study in Lithuania?

The primary college in Eastern Europe was set up in Lithuania and from that point forward, Lithuania has been a focal point of learning. Individuals come here from everywhere throughout the world for the astounding engineering as well as for its high scholarly guidelines. Lithuania is a perfect nation to seek after advanced education and there are numerous reasons why you should examine in Lithuania.

Lithuanians are cordial and taught and you will make the most of your stay in Lithuania. Additionally, as Lithuania is an individual from the EU, a degree from Lithuania is proportional to that from some other European nation. Lithuania has likewise consented to arrangements with more than 16 nations in regards to scholarly trades. Albeit government funded schools utilize Lithuanian as a vehicle of guidance, different dialects can likewise be utilized if the understudies or educators are outsiders or if the educational plan requests it.

Lithuanian government finances the training of the best alumni and they are not required to pay the education cost. Albeit each Lithuanian college has its own expense, understudies can profit the State supported advance to cover it. The state subsidized seats – fifty at colleges and another fifty at schools are accessible for the lasting inhabitants of the Economic Area and the European Union just as outsiders with changeless living arrangement in Lithuania. A one year evening out course in the Lithuanian language can likewise be masterminded at the Universities for outside understudies who wish to become familiar with the language.

Living expenses in Lithuania are significantly not exactly different nations of the European Union and you can appreciate the advantage of instruction from an EU nation without paying the weighty expenses. Lithuania has numerous spots for voyagers so you will have bounty to possess your extra time. A degree from Lithuania will assist you with increasing work everywhere throughout the world. Lithuania is probably the best spot to seek after advanced education.

National Visa D (Study Purpose)

A person who a student is arriving in the Republic of Lithuania to the successive full-time studies a higher education establishment operating in the Republic of Lithuania should apply for a multiple entry national visa D, which could be applied for only at Lithuanian Embassy.

  • Completed and signed application form, 1 recent passport photo 35×45 colourful, with white background.
  • A legal travel document – passport (containing at least 2 blank pages, issued within the previous 10 years, its period of validity must exceed the validity period of the requested visa by at least six months).
  • Valid health insurance, covering the extent of stay, and its copy. The amount of medical insurance coverage – LTL 20 000 (EUR 5792, 40).
  • A confirmed Air ticket reservation.
  • Mediation letter from the higher educational institution in Lithuania.
  • Registration documentation of the educational institution in Lithuania.
  • Means of subsistence ( 150 EUR for every month of planned stay) in the Republic of Lithuania (minimum last 3 months original bank account statements/ pay slips etc.; in case of sponsorship – Affidavit of Sponsorship from parents/relatives and their bank account statements for minimum 3 months).
  • No Consular fee applied.

IMPORTANT: The Lithuanian Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional documents.

Important information for student visa applicants

  • Students/education advisors/agents are requested to strictly follow the below listed guidelines: Student visa applications are to be submitted personally.
  • At the time of interview applicants should be able to motivate their purposes to study in Lithuania as well as acquaintance with the study programme. Non ability of an applicant to communicate in English may lead to visa rejection.
  • All visa application supporting documents (air ticket reservation, travel insurance, financial documents etc.) have to be honest and valid. Visa application holding any fake/invalid document will lead to visa denial.
    • Air ticket booking itineraries are to be printed on travel agent/airlines letter head or printed from the website. The flight itinerary must show the details of the traveler, flight details, and confirmation number.
    • Cancelled air ticket reservations are considered invalid. Air ticket reservations will regularly be checked even after issuing visa, and if these are found cancelled, this may lead to cancellation of the visa, while informing airport authorities.
    • Financial papers like bank account statements/ bank certificates etc. are to be submitted in original.
  • Student visa application processing time is 14 days, if additional consultation is not required.
  • Education consultants/Agents found submitting forged documents will be blacklisted.

Working hours of the Visa Section:

  • Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-13.00 (for submission of documents)
  • Monday and Friday 11.00-12.00 (for collection of documents)

Important notes

  • Reception time is only for submission of visa applications and supporting documents, no consultation on visas will be provided.
  • Visa application and supporting documents shall be presented by the applicant personally. Visa applications received by post, fax or courier will not be considered by the consular officer.
  • All documents shall be submitted along with its’ copies. No copying services will be provided at the Visa Section.
  • All documents shall be submitted in the same order as per the list of requirements given above.
  • Please prepare carefully your visa application and supporting documents. Any missing information may lead to visa application decline, deny or process delay. Any missing or incomplete documentation will require you to come another time to the Visa Section.
  • Visa application processing time- 14 days, if additional consultation is not required.
 Embassy of Lithuania in New Delhi
C-93 Anand Niketan
New Delhi 110021, INDIA
Tel: +91 11 4313 2200

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