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Authoritatively known as the Federal Republic of Germany, it has been at the focal point of Europe’s political and financial happenings for quite a while. It is the biggest and the most populated nation in the landmass of Europe. Regardless of the two universal wars, which about annihilated the nation, Germany has risen to be the powerhouse of both monetary just as scholarly parts of the locale.

Aside from Russia, Germany is the most crowded nation in terrain Europe. Actually, the land mass of Germany included pieces of cutting edge Poland and Lithuania. The instruction framework in Germany is very special right from the beginning of tutoring with tutoring being discretionary till the age of 6 years. Indeed, even in the tutoring after that point, there are various sorts of tutoring that understudies can pick for.depending on their individual inclinations. The understudies are urged to drop out of one school and join another, contingent upon the data about investigation in Germany with respect to the fields of study picked by them.

One of the most supported parts of instruction in Germany is the idea of gathering study and giving and getting help from their friends. The understudies can likewise frame bunches that can examine together right from the beginning as far as possible of their courses. A significant perspective about examination in Germany is the adaptability in changing course in the term of their training. This is conceivable starting with one course then onto the next, yet starting with one school then onto the next if the understudy finds an alternate school superior to the one that the person in question is at present contemplating.

A portion of the advantages of choosing a degree at a German college are as understudy network cooperation, library considering, a language accomplice for getting over challenges in German.

Why Study in Germany?

At present there are 387 universities situated in Germany. They can be broken up in two universities numbering 110, 221 universities teaching applied sciences and 56 institutions that teach art and music. Higher education, universities and establishments are wholly state funded. Alternatively, they are also recognized by the state.

Students who have the fascination of studying abroad may have questions regarding Why Germany can have their answers when they approach study in Germany consultants who can provide them the facts and figures that will put to rest their doubts. Some of the facts are as mentioned below.

  • There is a range of subjects that the students can choose to study from literature to music and also sports.
  • Students can opt out of a course or even a college and switch to another course of college.
  • A high degree of importance is placed on research as opposed to theoretic study
  • Students can form groups to study and subsequently present their papers, although group diplomas are not awarded.
  • Students are encouraged to apply for jobs, even when they are studying which makes them comfortable in the overall working conditions of the German work culture much before they take on their first true job.
  • Since the education system lays particular importance on research and practical aspects, there is overall encouragement to innovate and apply for patents more than anywhere else in the world.
  • The multitudes of questions that many students were regarded overall satisfaction among students, facilities for foreign students, etc. can be addressed to by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE).
In view of the above points and other such advantages, it can be easily ascertained as to Why Study Abroad in Germany is the best option by far for students from all over the world.

Documents Required:

  1. Two Visa Application Forms (please make sure that both forms are duly filled out and signed indicating especially the address of your future residence in Germany-(question 15) as well as your complete address including telephone No. and E-Mail-address in India).
  2. Signed Declaration on True and Complete Information
  3. Three passport pictures according to biometric specifications
  4. Visa fee to be paid through Demand Draft made out to the “Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany” in New Delhi
  5. Valid passport with a validity of at least 12 months along with two copies of all printed pages
  6. Cover letter from applicant, explaining the exact purpose and duration of your stay in Germany
  7. Letter of admission from the German University
  8. Proof that study fees have been paid, if applicable. In case the fees are not paid or due yet, proof has to be provided that the necessary amount will be at the applicant’s disposal in due course of time
  9. School Leaving Certificate of Secondary School
  10. University Certificates (Degree Certificates and Mark Sheets)
  11. Proof of Language Proficiency (TOEFL / IELTS, original and A 4 sized copy). Exemptions do apply in case of a written confirmation from the University that this requirement may be waived, for applicants for PhD / Doctorate studies and Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Holders.
  12. Proof of accommodation is required in order to fill the same in visa form & to attach in the file.
  13. Proof of financial means to cover the costs for the time of your studies by any of the following means:
    1. Confirmation of scholarship/Stipend
    2. Formal sponsorship letter from a sponsor living in Germany (“Verpflichtungserklärung” according to Article 68 German Residence Act)
    3. Blocked account (“Sperrkonto”) in Germany in the name of the applicant showing a minimum balance of Euro 7905, & the remark that the account holder can dispose of a monthly amount of Euro 659.
    4. For information with regard to the procedure of opening a blocked account in Germany please contact a bank in Germany or an international bank of your choice.
    5. Confirmation of an annually renewable bank guarantee from a bank in Germany in the amount of Euro 7905
    6. It is highly recommended that that the money transfer is made by international bank transfer. Do not send bank demand drafts, money orders or cheque to open the block account.
  14. From the moment of entering the Federal Republic of Germany you are upon request required to provide proof of a valid Health Insurance. This may be done through a regular Travel Health Insurance bought in India.However, as soon as you formally register & enroll with the German University & begin your studies a regular Travel Health Insurance loses its validity. You are required to get a valid Health insurance from a German Insurance provider. equired to provide proof of a valid Health Insurance. This may be done through a regular Travel Health Insurance bought in India.

The German Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional documents!
Important Facts to remember during file submitting:

  • All the documents mentioned above should be in A4 size only & should be translated in English Language.
  • All applicants have to personally sign Declaration 55 and Travel Health Insurance Notice.
  • Please remember to take the courier charges of Rs.1500 from the student if they would like us to courier the blocked account details to Germany.
  • 2 sets of documents are required.
  • Personal appearance at German embassy is mandatory for all applicants.

Link to check VISA Fee –

Link to check VISA Fee –

Important information

  1. Student has to show the confirmation of fee receipt, after the payment of tuition fees.
  2. But in case there is a less fee & that student has to pay after arrival in Germany, then in that case student has to show Saving Account statement showing the sufficient balance that student is able to pay his tuition fees.
  3. Also student has to show the income proof of his earning family member like parents, & it should include salary account statement or salary slips, etc.-(It is required as embassy ask from where you will going to bear your next year living expenses so student can show this that his family is earning this much that they can support him for further studies & for further living)
  4. Sponsorship letter is also required from parents.
  5. Any third party can also sponsor so, in that case income proof of third party, sponsorship letter from third party & relationship proof will be required.
 Embassy of Germany in New Delhi
No 6, Block 50 G Shantipath
Chanakyapuri PO Box 613
New Delhi-110021
Tel: +0091-1144-199199
Fax: +0049-3018-1767238
Embassy of Germany in Calcutta
Consulate of Germany
1 Hastings Park Road, Alipore
PO Box 16711
Calcutta-700 027
Tel: +91-33-2479-1141 , +91-33-2479-1142, +91-33-2439-8906
Fax: +91-33-24793028
Embassy of Germany in Chennai
Consulate of Germany
9, Boat Club Road, RA Puram
Chennai -600 028
Tel: +0091-4424-301600,
Fax: +0091-4424-349293
Embassy of Germany in Goa
Consulate of Germany
Cosme Matias Menezes Pvt. Ltd.
Rua de Ourem, Panaji
Goa India 403 001
Tel: +0091-832-243-0793
Fax: +0091-832-222-3441
Embassy of Germany in Mumbai
Consulate of Germany
Hoechst House””, 10th Floor, Nariman Point,
193 Backbay Reclamation
Mumbai India 400 021
Tel: +91-22-2283-2422 , +91-22-2283-1517 , +91-22-2283-2661
Fax: +91-22-2202-5493
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