About Estonia

Estonia is an European nation situated in the northern area of the Baltic States and picked up its freedom in 1991 from the Soviet Union. The nation is for the most part known for its islands and lakes and has a level geology circumscribing the Baltic Sea eastern shores. The majority of the land in Estonia is either forested or cultivated. The language of the nation is practically like Finnish, however has no other closeness to the next Baltic republic dialects, for example, Russian, Lithuania or Latvia. The hints of relationship with the USSR are as yet clear with right around one fourth of the Estonian residents despite everything communicating in Russian.

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and is the best safeguarded European urban communities of the medieval time. That is the reason; the travel industry is a significant lift to the Estonian economy with just about 15 percent of income coming through sightseers. Other significant occupations incorporate nourishment items, synthetics, metals, wood items and designing. Various individuals, including the Germans, Swedes, Russians, Poles and Danes have controlled the cooking of Estonia shows multicultural impact as the nation. You can see this impact in different parts of the Estonian life.

Contemplating in Estonia gives you a decent chance to be a piece of a famous European college. It guarantees that you are currently a piece of the universal gathering of understudies with all the splendid possibilities to push forward. You can without much of a stretch discover data about examination in Estonia on the nation’s legitimate site. This site will likewise offer you significant insights regarding study openings in Estonia. Considering in Estonia gives you a decent chance to be a piece of a prestigious European college. It guarantees that you are presently a piece of the worldwide gathering of understudies with all the splendid possibilities to push forward. You can without much of a stretch discover data about examination in Estonia on the nation’s authentic site. This site will likewise offer you pertinent insights regarding study openings in Estonia.

The social atmosphere in Estonia is open and flexible, and you can easily settle down in this country without much hassle.

Why study in Estonia?

The lake and woodland landscapes of Estonia attract hundreds of tourists every year. The country earns its major chunk of revenue from tourism. Apart from that, the overall economy is evolving rapidly with the industrialization and innovative commercialization developing at great speed. Thus, Estonia offers the perfect background for carrying out higher education and study in an international level university. Why not study in the country that also offers good job opportunities and quality life if you want to continue living together post studies.
Rapid Development, Good Infrastructure
After its separation from USSR in 1991, Estonia has made rapid progress in last more than two decades. Good industrial development, availability of state-of-the-art -infrastructure, skilled manpower, flexible yet success-oriented policies have ensured that the country grows and progresses with each step. Thus, Estonia has a lot to offer to a foreign student who wants to excel in studies and make a mark for himself in his field.

Peaceful atmosphere, amiable and polite population makes it easier for a foreigner to settle in Estonia without any hassles. Students from all over the world apply to Estonian Universities to study courses in different topics such as science, arts, history, geography, IT and more.

World Class Faculties and Teaching
Estonia has a rich history of learning and education and its oldest education system dates back to 13th and 14th century. However, today all its universities teach modern and contemporary education that is relevant to modern times. One of the major reasons why students aspire to study in Estonia is that the faculties here are of international standard and have made remarkable impact in their own field. This makes studying more inspiring and motivating for the students.

Documents Required:

  1. Application form (complete on screen or print out and fill in by hand). Instructions for filling in the application form.
  2. Annex 2 to the application form (complete on screen or print out and fill in by hand).
  3. Annex 3 to the application form (complete on screen or print out and fill in by hand).
  4. Annex 4 to the application form (complete on screen or print out and fill in by hand, the confirmation must be valid for 2 months).
  5. Curriculum Vitae, unless an applicant is under 15 years of age (complete on screen or print out and fill in by hand).
  6. Applicant’s written justification as to why he/she wishes to settle to study in Estonia.
  7. A document which certifies the legal income of the applicant or his/her family members, who ensure his/her subsistence (except if the purpose of studies is participation in voluntary service of a youth project or program acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Science).
  8. A language skills certificate issued by the university or institution of professional higher education (except the case of participation in preparatory courses).
  9. An identity document.
  10. 1 colour photo with measures 40×50 mm.
  11. A document certifying the payment of the state fee.
  12. An insurance contract.
  13. A practical training contract concluded between an educational institution or student organisation and an alien if an alien arrives to the country for participation in practical training.
  14. A copy of the voluntary service contract concluded between the applicant and a youth association, if an applicant shall come to the state for voluntary service.

Additional documents when applying for a residence permit for a minor child under age 15:

  • An identity document of the legal representative
  • A document certifying the legal representative’s right of representation (birth certificate of the child, document proving guardianship). The named document shall not be submitted, if the data of such document has been entered into the population register of Estonia
  • An applicant’s consent to study in Estonia, attested by notary.

An applicant in the status of long-term resident of another EU Member State is required to prove such status upon applying for the residence permit.

Decision on granting or refusal of residence permit

Granting or refusal of temporary residence permit shall be decided within 2 months from the acceptance of the application.

A temporary residence permit may be granted for up to 1 year.

In case of granting a residence permit, a residence card shall be issued to the applicant in person within 30 days at the foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia or at the Service Office stated on the application form. Arrival of the residence card in a foreign representation may take more time.

Residence card for a minor under 15 years of age shall be issued to his/her legal representative.

Alien, who holds a residence permit for study, can be employed in Estonia without holding a separate permit for employment, provided that his or her employment shall not interfere with the studies.

Embassy of Estonia in New Delhi

  1. C15, Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri , New Delhi – 110021
  2. Tel: +91 (0) 11 4948 8650
  3. Email:

India – Honorary Consuls

Estonian Honorary Consul in Mumbai

  1. Consul: Mr. Sunil Khanna
  2. Address: 312 T.V. Industrial Estate 248/A, S.K. Ahire Marge, Worli, Mumbai – 400030
  3. Tel: +91 22 2496 8882, +91 22 2496 8883, +91 22 2496 8884, +91 22 2496 8885
  4. Email:
  5. Operating region: Maharastra, Gujarati and Goa

Estonian Honorary Consul in Bangalore

  1. Consul: Mr. Pravin Kumar Goenka
  2. Address: No.6, M.G.Road, Mittal Towers , Block ‘B’- 809, Bangalore – 560001
  3. Tel: +918025580081, +918041133937, +918025583351
  4. Email:
  5. Operating region: State of Karnataka

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